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Take Your Sound To the Next Level

Learn the songs YOU want to learn! Fill your home with beautiful music!

Our instruction comes in a half hour time frame. We offer individual sessions for anyone 5 years of age and up. Our mission as teachers is to build repertoire, style techniques, and musicianship. Call us for more information about our lesson including blues scales and theory.

Music for Everyone

Whether you are a novice or just someone looking for a tune-up we have the class for you. Call us today to see how we can assist you reach your musical goals.

Guitar Lessons

We offer all styles and repertoires.

We do Livingroom Gigs at Thanksgiving and Christmas for family!

We don’t do Recitals. Also we don’t like the pressure and the frayed nerves that the culture of recitals create. Livingroom gigs are nurturing and warm and come from the culture of entertaining your family.

Yet - Our students perform the lead roles at their schools a lot, because they are often the best musicians!

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Contact us in Half Moon Bay, California, at (650) 339-2719 for more details about our in-home music lessons.