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Teacher Mike Teaches Guitar, Piano, Drums and Vocals In the Most Modern Studio Setting

Would you like to teach for our school?

Teacher Mike
Take a look at Teacher Mike at
the Upthegrove Music School!

Mike has been with the music school for a few years, and students think he is brilliant. 
If you or someone you know wants to learn an instrument in the San Mateo area - send us a note - Teacher Mike has a few places left in his timetable, and you will be amazed at how well you are playing in such a short amount of time!

"Mike - You're the best! See you next Monday at 1PM." - Wanda

"Thank you for your email. Your comments mean a lot to Lukas and me. I am happy that he not only found his love in music, but also a teacher who is a mentor for him musically and personally. I also feel that Lukas is somewhat relieved that he found other folks who take music as serious as he does. After hearing all the wonderful remarks from my parents and husband, I can't wait for the next rehearsal to come. By the way, my parents were impressed that their Christmas present sounds so good and is put to use. ;-)"

"Mike, Thank you so much once more for all the effort you put into our student band. It was a lot of fun, you worked wonders with that rag tag group of rug rats and I will miss you. I really appreciated your partnership and friendship."

The Upthegrove Music School

Teacher Brent

Teacher Brent has been teaching kids for over 10 years. He has been at UptheGrove Music school for over 2 years. Brent has a degree in music from Laney College, and he is finishing up his music education degree at Cal State East Bay.

Teacher Brent

Teacher Garrett


Garett's background in music would consist of playing guitar for 11 years
and he has what's called a "good ear" so is able to play by ear without even needing sheet music.

Played guitar in the Gunderson concert band.

Performances in other various bands that he has been in over the years.
Teaching guitar for two music schools.

Ongoing theory and teacher training with the Upthegrove Music School

Ross Plunkett

Piano, guitar, and trumpet.

Ross Plunkett

Teacher Kristina

Kristina Mitchell

Teacher Kristina studied music in school for over 10 years- her musical education also included private lessons in clarinet, piano, and voice. Also, she is a guitar player and was a member of Northwestern marching band for one year in college. Kristina graduated from NDNU.


All my students learn to read music. Guitar and piano students have different needs, however. With guitar lessons, I emphasize singing and accompanying chordal technique, as well as note-reading. If the student is interested, I teach them Classical style, which requires a lot more work and dedication. Usually, they prefer to stick with acoustic guitar style.

My piano students learn to read notes and play all styles of music – Classical, pop, etc. I had a private piano studio in my home for over 20 years with 35 students. My students gave twice-yearly recitals at the local concert hall. At that time I was a member of MTAC and MTNA. Two of my former students went on to have a career in music.


I gave up my private studio to focus on performing. I perform over 100 concerts and events each year in Northern California on piano, harp, and flute. You can hear me on my websites and on YouTube. Tomorrow I will be playing at Grace Cathedral in SF. On Sunday I will be playing at the SF Hilton Hotel. I am also the church pianist at St Andrew’s in Pacifica.

On YouTube, type in Amethyst Trio or Celtic Sands

I am a highly-trained Classical pianist and have soloed with orchestras and play in many ensemble groups. I have also played in rock bands and accompany many singers of all types. I play piano, harp, flute, guitar (acoustic & Classical), Irish flute, tin whistle, bodhran, and violin. I speak fluent French & Russian.

Teacher Dan

Dan Reich

Marin and Mill Valley areas

Teacher Cristiana

Teacher Derek

Our Bands

DreamCycle Flyer

We Are Over the Moon To Be the Last Band On At the Festival!

Come and see the band play and if you can't make it send us good vibes to be there in spirit. The band is reaching new cool highs! Some members of the band are teachers at the Upthegrove School of Music. We want you to be a part of the excitement!

Lynda Upthegrove

Lynda Upthegrove's solo album that she wrote, recorded and produced herself, along with playing most of the instruments.

Lynda Upthegrove's Internal Environment
by: Lynda Upthegrove


Teacher Ross

Lynda Singing Nina Simone

Michael Young

Michael Young is a Bay Area native and a graduate of San Francisco State University where he earned a Bachelor's of Music with an education emphasis. During his time in college, he also competed around the nation for two years in the elite marching music circuit, Drum Corps International on the tuba, which is his principal instrument. As part of the education program at San Francisco State, he also became proficient in all of the orchestral brass instruments.

Michael grew up playing piano from a young age and has a background in classical, jazz, and rock styles. He also has an excellent understanding of music theory, both from a classical perspective and from a more contemporary songwriting perspective, including improvisation. During his time at San Francisco State, he had the opportunity to serve as section leader in both the University Chorus and the Chamber Choir. Michael also has a strong background in teaching voice, having taught students with a wide range of ages and skill levels, utilizing his knowledge of Kodaly ear training and sight singing method.

Robin Lovejoy

Robin Lovejoy

Vocal/Guitar Teacher

Robin Lovejoy has been teaching vocal instruction to students of all ages for the past 16 years in the San Francisco Bay area in person and via Skype. Her focus is primarily on pop, rock, folk and contemporary styles, but her earliest training is in the classical genre. Robin integrates her own vocal technique and methods to allow a singer to develop their unique style and gain control of their sound while having fun!

Robin's training began in classical singing through private teachers from Portland Opera Company, SF Conservatory and Dominican College along with a Bachelor's degree from SFSU. She is a singer/songwriter and composes original music that is Rock/Pop. Robin regularly performs with her band Amalgamation who were awarded "Best Band" by the SF Weekly's Best of the Bay and twice awarded from the Bands4Bands organization for Best Album and Best Band.

Her group Amalgamation has performed in the San Francisco Bay area and they have played at venues such as DNA Lounge, Hotel Utah, the Great American Music Hall, bay area festivals and more. Additionally, she has studied acting and performed in live theater as well as voiceover, and is a certified hatha yoga instructor, incorporating breathing techniques for breath control in singing. Her well-rounded experience in music and performance along with the wisdom she shares with students will help you be the kind of singer you have always wanted to be!

You can hear more about Robin and her band here: http://www.amalgamationmusic.com/