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Lynda was born and lived her childhood in West Virginia- literally running around the mountains and joining in as her Dad and Mom and Aunts would sing around his acoustic guitar in the living room picking folk songs - American traditional. Then she moved to England and played flute and piano in the orchestra at 18 attaining the highest grade 8 with Distinction - being invited to audition at the Royal Academy.

After that, she was offered 3 Record Deals in the Music Business for her songwriting and work with bands playing Gigs all around England. The music business being as zany as it is Tony Blair through a group of great administrators gave her the training and Victorian building in the middle of England to run a rock school for ten years that also focused on classical theory and recording.

We help kids explore, learn and play music with the same joy as playing outside - the adventure and enthusiasm and excitement! With this approach, practice happens during the lessons and so amazing progress happens each week!

Victorian Building in England

We focus on Classical, American traditional and modern songs you can hear today on the radio to make the lessons interesting and pure joy.

Why do we do this? It makes us feel great to see the kids do so well and learn music fast because they are having FUN! We feel revitalized by helping the kids find out the many amazing secrets music holds, the intricate details and the notation of emotions is fascinating and helps kids with emotional intelligence.

Music makes kids smarter. They become a joy to work with and we feel embraced by the families and the community as we drove around the houses! The families stay with us for years and we have been imbued to Thanksgivings and many School Performances. We love to hear about the “Livingroom Gigs” that we promote that the families hold for their children — playing a show for relatives!

We encourage living room performances for family members at Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas/Holiday times, as well as support school performances. This is because making the child nervous for a formal recital we find to be counter-productive to progress...and because of the way the music school came about.

My Dad was a psychiatrist who played guitar with the family in the living room. (An Irish tradition that everyone plays music to entertain each other). Grandma went to Juilliard, where the girls would faint if they played one wrong note and their music career would be over, as they were taken off stage on a stretcher.

Our music school doesn't buy into the idea that one wrong note ruins a musician's future — more than a relaxed nurturing atmosphere over the years makes for a more amazing musician.

On a side note — our students often get the lead part in school performances!

So we encourage parents to hold living room performances.

Yours Melodically, Lynda